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Two-Faced: Trans-Eroticism in the work of Osias Hofstatter

Curated by YINON AVIOR
Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art / Israel
Opening 16 September 2017 / 8 PM
17 September 2017 — 3 February 2018

art berlin

Galerie koal at art berlin 2017
14 — 17 September 2017


Artist residency and solo exhibition
in September at DOM SANKT PETER & PAUL

BOYS TALK / Vater & Sohn

Ingo & Rainer Mittelstaedt / Moderated by Stephan Koal
5 April 2017 . 7 pm / In cooperation with KubaParis
The starting point for Ingo Mittelstaedt’s piece – specifically conceived for the exhibition traditions – was his father’s image archive. Rainer Mittelstaedt was one of the most successful press photographers of the GDR in the 1970s and 80s. After the German reunification he moved to the publishing house Springer Verlag and established himself as a police photographer. Ingo Mittelstaedt’s photographic work is shaped by his father’s and yet his images could not be more different. In this talk a father and son explore the similarities and differences of their photographic work.

Image: Rainer Mittelstaedt / 1973 / X. World Festival of Youth and Students in East Berlin

GIRLS TALK / Kabul & Herdecke

Jeanno Gaussi & Katinka Pilscheur / Moderated by Diana Weis
22 March 2017 . 7 pm / / In cooperation with KubaParis
Jeanno Gaussi spent her childhood and teens in Kabul and Delhi. One of her central concerns is the search for identity and the social and cultural processes involved in this search. Her objects make use of the traditional artisanal techniques of the regions she visits. Katinka Pilscheur grew up in Herdecke an der Ruhr. Her works often happen through chance, using everyday materials and codes. In this talk the two artists talk about their different approaches to finding and adapting modes of representation.

Image: Exhibition view traditions / Katinka Pilscheur and Jeanno Gaussi